IUB FabSat team scores an astounding 96.64% in CanSat Competition Critical Design Review Round

The IUB FabSat team, which became the first Bangladeshi group earlier this year to be selected for the American Astronautical Society (AAA)'s prestigious CanSat Competition 2023, has scored an outstanding 96.64% in the Critical Design Review (CDR) phase.

The 10 members of the team are Iftekharul Alam, team leader, Md Mahmudul Kabir Peyal, Noor E Sadman, Hasibur Rahman, Fayed Al Monir, Tahfizul Hasan Zihan, Hana Sultan Chowdhury, Mohammad Faizul Hossain, Shirazim Munir Deap and Rubayed Mehedi Anik. They are all students of IUB's Computer Science and Engineering Department.

During the CDR phase, the IUB FabSat team presented the detailed design of their "can-shaped" satellite device, incorporating simulations and computations, which garnered respect and recognition from the judges. Based on feedback received in the previous evaluation phases, the IUB team made significant improvements.

The CanSat competition is an annual event organized by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) that aims to promote innovative and creative thinking in space exploration.

The “Can-shaped” satellite can be deployed in the upper atmosphere by a rocket to gather environmental data, take pictures from high altitudes for surveillance and other purposes, and so on. The design includes a variety of sensors and cameras, parachutes, and a heat-shield to provide protection against the extreme conditions of the launch and the fall. The prototype was developed at FabLab IUB, which is among only a handful of operational state-of-the-art digital fabrication laboratories in Bangladesh located at IUB.