IUB CSE students showcase promising design at CanSat competition PDR presentation.

IUBFabsat, a team consisting of ten students from the Department of Computer Science and
Engineering at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) have successfully presented the
Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of their CanSat project for the American Astronautical
Society (AAS) Student Design-Build-Launch Competition. The team members include Iftekharul
Alam, Md Mahmudul Kabir Peyal, Noor E Sadman, Hasibur Rahman, Fayed Al Monir, Hana
Sultan Chowdhuri, Shirazim Munir Deap, Tahfizul Hasan Zihan, Mohammad Faizul Hossain,
and Rubayed Mehedi Anik.
The AAS organizes an annual student competition for designing, building, and launching a
space-related project, with participants from various universities around the world. The
competition aims to promote innovative and creative thinking in the field of space exploration,
while providing students with hands-on experience in designing and building space-related
The IUB team's CanSat project involves the development of a small satellite that can be launched
by a rocket and can perform various tasks, such as collecting data on the environment, taking
photographs of the Earth, and performing other scientific experiments. The CanSat will be
equipped with sensors, a camera, a parachute, and a heatshield, among other components, to
ensure that it can withstand the harsh conditions of the launch and descent.
During the presentation, the IUB team showcased their design and engineering concepts, as well
as their software development and testing procedures. The team received positive feedback from
the judges, who praised their innovative design. The judges also commended the team for their
attention to detail and their ability to address potential issues that may arise during the launch
and descent phases.
The IUBFabsat team is supported and guided by their experienced advisors, Dr. Mahady Hasan
and Dr. Mohammed Anwer. Their mentorship and expertise helped the team to achieve their
goals and deliver an outstanding presentation at the PDR of the CanSat competition. The team
expressed their gratitude towards their advisors for their constant support and encouragement
throughout the project.
The IUB team is now preparing for the next phase of the competition, which involves the Critical
Design Review (CDR). They are confident that they will be able to build a high-quality and
functional CanSat that can compete with other teams from around the world.
The CanSat competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their skills in
engineering, design, and project management, while also encouraging them to pursue careers in
the field of space exploration. The IUB team's success in the PDR is a testament to their hard
work and dedication, and we wish them the best of luck in the upcoming phases of the