"Born to Bloom" to celebrate Women's Day by JUKTI

Event Type: Events
Speaker: Guest Trainer
Starts: Wednesday, Mar 09, 2022, 06:03 PM
Ends: Friday, Mar 11, 2022, 10:03 PM
Location: Independent University, Bangladesh
Sponsors: Department of CSE, IUB


They are the angels of this world with wings of inspiration. They bring hope to the world and light up the darkness. They tear through the heavy shackles of society and pave the path for countless others like them to follow. In our annual event dedicated to International Women's Day, "Born to Bloom'', we take a look at the lives of aspiring women across Bangladesh and hear their triumphant tales of success through sheer dedication, hard work, and passion.


We are ecstatic to bring forth to you, some amazing women from different walks of life through various segments in our massive 3-day event.


Firstly we will look around us and celebrate the women who are the Pride of IUB.


Event link: https://fb.me/e/3y1sOpo0A


Event Detail:


9th March at 6:00pm


Women are not behind in administration anymore. They have proven to themselves and other women that they can lead in the workplace with great charm and handle delicate matters in the backend as well. They are the reason why more of us are setting out to conquer our fear and strive for success. We hope to connect to them through our event and motivate others to conquer their fears as well.



9th March at 7:30pm


Faculties are what make us, what inspire us to achieve great things in life. They leave their impressions on us that stay with us for life and help guide you towards a future that even you might not know that you can achieve. Like a cosmos, they work tirelessly trying to bring harmony and prosperity through their teachings. We are excited to look at the world through their eyes both as women and as teachers with the help of this segment.



10th March at 6:30pm


Clubs are what brings life to a university. We are glad to see so many women in IUB participating in major clubs and working hard to build a stronger and more inspiring community. A community of trust and friendship. Through this segment, we will celebrate their work and connect with them through their goals and achievements.



10th March at 7:30pm


Successful Alumni are one of the first people a person looks towards as a role model. People always motivate themselves and work hard to follow in their footsteps to achieve success. As women, it brings us great pleasure when we see our fellow seniors who left their legacy in the halls, are creating new legacies in various other places. They deserve to be celebrated and praised for their dedication to success.


And lastly, we will look beyond our institution and celebrate women who are the Pride of Bangladesh.



11th March at 7:30pm


We cannot express enough gratitude for all the women across Bangladesh who are breaking through the stigma, crossing new boundaries, and snatching the respect that they deserve through their wisdom and determination for success. We will explore some of these women’s journeys in our event and hope to inspire many more like them to push through and achieve great admiration.