CNC 612: Cryptography and Network Security

Offered Under: M.Sc. in Computer Networks & Communications (CNC)

This course introduces the principles and practice of cryptography and its use in network security. Topics include: nature and types of security attacks; key based cryptography, symmetric and asymmetric key; Cryptanalysis; Fiestel cipher structure; conventional encryption algorithms, DES and triple DES; Key distribution problem; Asymmetric cryptography: public key cryptography, message authentication, hash function, RSA and Diffie-Hellman algorithms; Model for network security; Digital signature, digital certificate; Quantum cryptography. Prospective students should possess a background in computer networks.

Course Type Major
Credit Hour 3
Lecture Hour 45
Expected Outcome(s):
  • Understand the principles and practices of cryptographic techniques.
  • Understand a variety of generic security threats and vulnerabilities, and identify and analyse particular security problems for a given application.
  • Appreciate the application of security techniques and technologies in solving real-life security problems in practical systems.
  • Design security protocols and methods to solve specified security problems.

Suggested Books:
  1. Cryptography & Network Security by B. Forouzan
  2. Cryptography & Network Security: Principles & Practice (5th Edition) by W. Stallings
  3. Introduction to Modern Cryptography: Principles & Protocols by J. Katz, Y.Lindell

Grading Policy:

Biweekly Quiz, One Midterm Exam, One Final Exam, Project

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